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Hyper Wear, Inc.

SandBells - Empty 10 lb.

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  • SandBell® sizes range from 2 lbs. – 50 lbs.
    The thick, neoprene shell is stretchy and soft to the touch, but is not short on durability
  • The active, shifting movement of the sand challenges stabilizing muscles in your core
    When working out with the SandBell®, you will engage hand and wrist gripping muscles that are typically not activated and strengthened with other forms of weights
    Another advantage of this product lies in its safety for you and your floors
    Color coded strip to easily identify weight
    Can be slammed or thrown
    Safe for partner work
    You can purchase the SandBell® prefilled or empty
    We recommend that you purchase DRY WASHED play sand to fill your SandBell®