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3 x 10 = 0 Knee Extension Device with Ankle Support

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The 3x10=0 Full Extension Knee Device with Ankle Support is designed for athletes and patients who have lost full extension of their knees following injury or surgeries like ACL reconstruction, total knee replacement, medial patellofemoral reconstruction, and/or meniscus surgery.

So what is 3x10=0?

Using this knee device allows you to regain full extension by using it three times daily for 10 minute sessions; doing this will help you achieve 0 degrees of extension which is a straight knee.

All you do is tighten two straps, above and below your knee. These straps allow you to stretch the tissue surrounding the knee joint to improve the knee's ability to fully straighten. The adjustable straps a can be tightened or loosened to vary the stretch needed.

How is our device different than others on the internet?

We have chosen to use the 3x10=0 with ankle support. This is not easily found in other online stores. Why the ankle support? We have found that when athletes and patients place their ankles on the bolster, there is a tendency for the foot and ankle to turn out. Not only does this reduce the effectiveness of the exercise, it can theoretically lead to injury. Placing your ankle in the cutout of the bolster greatly reduces this tendency of the foot and ankle to turn out.

To learn more, check out this blog post.

3x10=0 Knee Extension Device and Physical Therapy

Knee straightening exercises are important, so we recommend using the 3x10=0 in combination with formal physical therapy programs when you've lost extension. While your physical therapist can provide joint mobilizations and exercises for your knee, using this device on your own will improve both your range of motion and will help your in-clinic progression.