Straighten Your Knee

A straight knee following injury or surgery is essential. Without it, subsequent injuries or disease to the knee can result. But it can also result in other joints--like your hip and back--getting hurt. I have used 3x10=0 with countless patients and, when used consistently, it has not failed to improve every patient's ability to straighten their knee more. 

When compared to formal physical therapy or surgery to straighten your knee, using this device is both more cost-effective and results in less pain. 

Why a Straight Knee Matters

The most crucial aspect after an ACL reconstruction--or any other knee surgery--is achieving complete knee extension, which means a completely straight knee. In order to fully straighten it, you must first manage the pain and reduce any swelling. Make it a habit to do an extension stretch exercise several times a day to prevent stiffness.

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Improved Function

Proper knee extension symmetry is necessary for activities such as running and jumping. According to a recent study, minor knee extension loss of 3° to 5° can lead to dissatisfaction and worse outcomes after surgery.

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How it Works

Stretching the knee with low resistance for extended periods is an effective way to stretch and regain full knee extension after injury or surgery. Using a static progressive device like 3x10=0 can be an effective and cost-efficient way to reduce knee stiffness caused by multiple factors.

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Avoid Complications

Any loss of knee extension will cause long-term complications.
Besides anterior knee pain, previous studies have reported patellofemoral pain and quadriceps weakness as potential symptoms. Failing to fully extend the knee
while walking doubles the risk of other injuries.

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  • Goal

    The goal is to use the device three times a day for 10 minutes each time. If this causes too much soreness, begin with one time a day or start with a shorter period of time, like 5 minutes.

  • Consistent Use

    The key to success with 3x10=0 is consistency. Use the device every day and a straighter knee will follow. Using it every now and then, while it might help minimally, is less effective and means it will take longer to regain your knee motion.

  • Soreness is Normal

    Starting a new physical routine can cause soreness if you are not used to it. Stretching with the 3x10=0 is no different. Soreness and discomfort may result. If this happens, ice your knee.

  • Keep Your Knee Straight

    Avoid placing something--like a pillow--under your knee while resting. This will encourage your knee to remain bent. While this might feel better in the moment, it also means it will take longer to achieve your goals.