• Sizing

    An ankle brace that fits poorly or uses the wrong material may end up being uncomfortable. To make sure your ankle brace is as comfortable as possible, make sure it fits properly. Ankle braces are typically sized based on your shoe size or ankle circumference, so check the sizing chart to get your best fit and support,

  • Fit

    How tight should an ankle brace be? The brace should be "snug," but it should not restrict blood flow and it should not be painful. For those wanting the most protection, the feel will be rigid. Adjust the laces or straps to dial in the ideal amount of protection without cutting off circulation or causing pain.

  • Braces & Rehab

    Using braces is very helpful, but it should not completely replace rehab following an injury. Braces do a great job protecting joints and other structures, but they cannot increase muscle strength or balance; these two physical characteristics are important following injuries, like ankle sprains.

Purpose of Braces

Braces can be used in a variety of situations, from activities at school or work to competitive and recreational sports. Braces are often used after an injury--like shoulder dislocation or ankle sprain--but they can also be worn to reduce your risk of injury. Athletes in sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, and football often wear braces before they have been hurt in the hopes that doing so will help them stay injury free.

Braces support your joints from the outside by limiting certain motions, like up and down or in and out at the ankle joint. Braces can also help provide awareness of where your ankle joint is in space--this is call proprioception. After injury, braces can also help reduce or control swelling that commonly occurs.

To get the best use from your brace, it should be snug, but it should also fit comfortably during activity. This comfort helps with brace use compliance.

Ankle Brace

Ankle Bracing

Whether you want to prevent an ankle injury, have chronic ankle instability, or are recovering from an ankle injury, an ankle brace can provide the protection you need. Ankle braces provide stability and protection from a variety of injuries including tendonitis, sprains, ankle pain, and general inflammation.

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