Sport Injury Prevention Anatomy – Published!

Sport Injury Prevention Anatomy – Published!

After more work than I expected, Sport Injury Prevention Anatomy is finally published!

Two years ago, Erik Meira and I were honored to begin writing a text on how coaches and athletes can reduce injury risk during sports participation. Well just last week, Sport Injury Prevention Anatomy was released!!!!

It took more work than I anticipated, but I am thrilled with the result. While the illustrations are helpful and the sports examples are varied, I am perhaps proudest of our reliance on evidence and research to support the exercise choices we made and the program design variables we used. We believe this is an important approach to the content.

So thank you H Michelle Earle, Amy Stahl, Korey Van Wyk MS, CSCS, Pn2, Roger Earle, and the rest of the team at Human Kinetics. We were honored to work with you to bring this project to life.

This is a passion for me . . . whether we call it injury prevention or injury risk reduction, using exercises like those Erik and I provided does indeed reduce the risk of injuries in sport, and I’m happy we were able to contribute to the conversation. Click here to learn more or to purchase.

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